Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Survey for Photographers: Social media and what we like about "Likes" and more

Photographers--ready to spill the beans anonymously about how social media influences you? 

 For example, how do you really feel about getting "Likes,"  "+'s," votes, comments, shares, re-tweets, and more?   What about giving them to others?  What motivates you to give a "nod" to someone else's work?

Ultimately, I'm diving deeper into the pulse of my fellow photographers to better understand what makes you tick in the world of Social Media.  For many photographers, social media is viewed as quintessential for marketing, name recognition, and above all, recognition for work well done.  But there is more than just business and marketing behind our interactions on social media.

This survey will be open through Sunday, August 11, 2013 (11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time).
(CLICK HERE to see the time in your part of the world)

How to participate?

  1. CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL OF SKILL and click the link!
    1. Highly Skilled Photographer 
      (Skilled in using light from various sources, fluent with manual settings, strong technical experience in photographing a variety of subjects under diverse conditions; strong understanding of composition, solid post-processing skills)
    2. Intermediate-Skilled Photographer 
      (Skilled in using natural light and/or basics of supplemental light, mostly comfortable with manual settings, moderate experience shooting a variety of subjects under diverse conditions, understand fundamentals of composition, understand a few basic post-processing skills)
    3. Novice/Casual Photographer
      (Basic experience with camera.  Use mostly auto settings, may know a few basics about composition, exposure, and focus, and may exercise a few basic post-processing skills)
    Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a link to a free tutorial on designing photographs using natural lighting techniques!  Additionally, you will have the option to enter a drawing for a free seat at an upcoming live, web-based workshop provided by Langell Photography, LLC.  Details provided at the conclusion of the survey.  All results remain anonymous.